5 de Mayo in East Boston | Angela's Cafe authentic cuisine from Puebla, México


5 de Mayo in USA

Since 1982, every year on May 5th, La Batalla de Puebla is commemorated as a historic event. Some Latino communities in the U.S. use it as an opportunity to share with family and many celebrate it as a special day to party. Eitherway, the main theme is always the same: Mexican food. Poblano cuisine to be precise. 


Angela's Cafe invites you to the best of Poblano cuisine

For this reason, every year, we strive to bring the best of Puebla to your plate, sharing A Little Taste of Puebla with you and your family.

This year especially, in addition to the traditional Mole Poblano, Pipian Verde and Chilaquiles that you already know and love, we have prepared something new for you. A variety of dishes and promotions that you can not miss


Viva 5 de Mayo!!

Finally prepare your lungs to scream loud #VivaPuebla!!


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